Disposition, personality, health and conformation all are sought after in my breeding program. Hopefully these qualities will be displayed in your future pet, to make he or she an elegant, rowdy, and treasured member of your family forever.

Available puppy 

The showring and competition is meant to help prove and hone these qualities, showing their existence in the parentage so that they may be passed on to the progeny. Typical chin puppies like the ones in pictures on these pages are available for pet and show homes. Rarely are puppies offered only for breeding purposes. The genetic health is guaranteed. Things like heart, liver, lungs, brain and kidneys are covered with a replacement of like kind if the disease causes disability or death. Puppies are paper trained and well started, socialized and outgoing, vet checked and vaccinated a number of times before leaving to their new home. Please contact me by email to see pictures of your dream baby. I usually will have black and white and sometimes red and white babies.